Forged Pipe Fittings


Fitwel India now has been the global leader for providing the wide stock of forged fittings within India and across the global market. We are a significant manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and stockist of forged fittings. Forged steel fittings are the fittings made by forged steel. The process of manufacturing forged steel fittings includes: cutting and heating billets, put pressure on heated billets under dies into the desired shape, trimming and shot blasting. Then machine forged blank fittings for net shape and dimensions. Fitwel India has a broadly deals in steel material grade such as SS Forged Fittings, CS Forged Fittings, SA Forged Fittings, LTCS Forged Fittings, NA Forged Fittings also wide stockist of Inconel Forged Fittings, Monel Forged Fittings, Hastelloy Forged Fittings, Cupro-Nickel Forged Fittings, Titanium Forged Fittings, Super Duplex Forged Fittings, etc including final products are Elbow, Straight Tee, Reducing Tee, Coupling, Reducing Coupling, Half Coupling, Barrel Nipple, Hexagonal Head Plug, Sockolet, Weldolet, Threadolet, Elbolet, Nipolet, End Cap.